I’m Jyoti, a student at Chigwell School on the outskirts of London. At the moment, my school is closed while we are all practicing social distancing and self-isolation to limit the effects of Covid-19. My mother is a doctor in the NHS (and she has currently contracted Covid-19) and my father is a medic who advises governments across the world on policy. I have used my time away from school to put this appeal together with the help of some of the world’s leading technology start-ups.

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AP News, 29 March 2020: At first, the coronavirus was just a fairy tale, a rumor along the dusty lanes of the displaced persons’ camp that Habiba Ali calls home.

It seemed fantastical: an illness sweeping the world far beyond Somalia’s borders, killing thousands of people and sending some of the richest countries into panic......


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Hand Washing & Water Stations
Many communities across Africa do not have access to either clean water or hand washing facilities. Where possible, we will look to fund the building of hand washing stations to ensure communities can avoid Covid-19 infections.
PPE for Medics
Doctors, nurses and other essential healthcare workers need personal protective equipment to treat patients who have Covid-19 infections. We will look to fund protective body suits, face masks and visors.
Mobile Phones and Solar Charging Stations
The lack of information being made available to rural communities is a disaster for the whole African continent. There and hundreds of millions living in local rural clusters. We want to give them handsets and charging stations so that they can receive information in the form of videos and so that they can take precautions to protect themselves against Covid-19. Where possible, we also want to make online medical services available to villagers who lack access to medical care.
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