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Do you have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Youtube or Pinterest? Do you have other groups? Maybe a Whatsapp group? If you do, please share the appeal on any channel that is available to you. Thank you!

Do you have access to people who can influence donations to the Covid-19 appeal?

We have access to the largest tech companies in the world, but we could really do with being connected to more donors. This appeal is launching on 30th March 2020. Time is not on our side as this crisis could absorb the whole of Africa within weeks.


Due to the Social Isolation requirements, we are not able to meet you face to face, but we are able to video chat with you if you need some more information before deciding whether or not you wish to support the appeal

All donations will be taken through crowdfunding channels. If you wish to donate, please click on the button below to donate to us through Crowdfunder. Alternatively, you can donate to us through JustGiving and GoFundMe.

We are happy to talk to you about the appeal over the phone at your convenience. Please send us an email message with your phone number and we will happily call you back

Please feel free to email us at:

And we will answer any questions you have

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