Jyoti Nagchaudhuri

I'm a student at Chigwell School in Essex. I'm taking A-levels in English, History, Drama & Religious Studies. I hope to go to university next year to read History and Politics.

I started this appeal after I read the comments of United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres. He says he fears “millions and millions” of coronavirus cases in Africa, where the youth will not be spared.

Guterres says it will cost $3 trillion USD to held the vulnerable countries in the Global South, and that we need to supply test kits, masks, ventilators, and protective suits for health workers.

The tech companies believe we can help alleviate some of this by getting tech and information to the most vulnerable people. 

Health professionals are at a shortage in Africa. We can start to help them by distributing handsets with pre-recorded information videos and video consultations to the poorest, most vulnerable people in Africa.

Please look at our appeal and please help us to help the most vulnerable people in the world.

Thank you


I’m Jyoti, a student at Chigwell School on the outskirts of London. At the moment, my school is closed while we are all practicing social distancing and self-isolation to limit the effects of Covid-19. My mother is a doctor in the NHS (and she has currently contracted Covid-19) and my father is a medic who advises governments across the world on policy. I have used my time away from school to put this appeal together with the help of some of the world’s leading technology start-ups.

Across Africa, more than 1,000 people have been diagnosed with Covid-19. At the time of writing this, the virus had already been detected in 42 countries across the continent. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned African countries to prepare for the worst.

The coronavirus pandemic is not only a public health emergency, it will obliterate very many fledgling economies across Africa.

During this global emergency, information is one of the most important resources we can offer. We need to ensure the poorest rural communities receive information on how to protect themselves and their families. They need to know how to recognise symptoms of Covid-19, they need to understand how to practice effective handwashing, and they need to understand how to manage infections. Without this, entire populations across Africa could be wiped out completely.

One way to address this is by distributing smart handsets, solar charging stations and soap to rural communities. The communities also need hand washing stations with clean water too.

We can use Smart Handsets to transmit information in the form of informational videos, up-to-date news on how the pandemic is spreading, and instructional videos to ensure the correct resources are being provided to rural communities. The communities can also use the handsets to access medical services.

However, in Africa, as many as 206 million people do not have access to a mobile phone, 790 million only have access to basic cell phones, and only 182 million have access to smart phones.

We have secured an agreement with a number of tech firms to distribute handsets with data services to rural communities in Africa. We have also secured an agreement to provide solar charging stations to the communities we will support.

We will do this by providing refurbished smart handsets and new basic smart handsets to communities at risk. All the handsets will be capable of providing the services needed, and all will be pre-loaded with informational and instructional videos. There are a number of Chinese companies who can provide these handsets.

In the first instance, we will target all communities considered to be at risk. As time progresses, we will target as many communities as possible with the funds raised.

The cost to do this will come to approx. $25 (approx. £21) per handset (and soap package) delivered. Where possible, we will also support installation of hand washing stations where we deliver each batch of phones and sanitisers. There is no profit made by anyone assisting us. All funds will be dedicated to the project and we will ensure the entire process is audited to verify the integrity of the appeal.

The whole world has been overwhelmed by the Coronavirus pandemic. In the Developed World, we are lucky enough to be able to access fantastic medical services. In Africa, many of the poorest, impoverished communities lack this.

Let us help them before they all succumb to this global crisis.

Please donate as much as you can and please share this wherever you can.

We will aim to provide communities with smart handsets to as many households or population clusters as possible. We will package this with solar charging stations and supplies of sanitising equipment. We will also support programmes to install hand washing stations too.

We will promote this appeal through as many pathways as we can. Please help us to help the most vulnerable people in the world

Thank you.

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